Saturday, March 28, 2009


Welcome to "In the Mind's Eye, Dyslexic Renaissance" -- a new web log that will focus on news and issues related to individuals who think in pictures and have trouble with words. These are people who have lots of trouble in their early schooling but often can be highly successful in life and work --  especially when they are able to use their highly developed visual talents linked to the newest information visualization technologies. The "In the Mind's Eye" part of our title comes from the title to my first book, which will be released in a new edition in July 2009. (We found that a Canadian group was already using the phase "In the Mind's Eye" by itself.) The "Dyslexic Renaissance" part was invented by my son Ben who started using the term some six months ago to indicate the rebirth of interest in the distinctive talents exhibited by many dyslexics.  I plan to include in the blog a series of informal, topical commentaries along with longer, more formal articles -- and a variety of visual and graphical materials. Please feel free to comment and participate. With all best wishes, Thomas G. West

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