Thursday, April 17, 2014

The death of corporate IT power

Heard on "Marketplace" radio business report this afternoon: Once the employees were allowed to give up their company BlackBerrys to use their own personal iPhones the world of company IT changed. Never again would employees be willing to use the old machines and software cleared and paid for by their companies. Never again would they use machines and software inferior to those they used every day in their personal life. Remarkably, the consumer world seems always well ahead of the "serious" business world. -- Yet another revolution to be credited to Steve Jobs and the Apple approach -- while the "winning by intimidation" company has lost its way. Why did it take so long? Maybe it just took the coming of age of a generation of users who really owned their own technology -- and were no longer willing to be told by "experts" what they should have or use. Exactly 30 years, 1984-2014.

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