Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TV About Richard Branson

Recently reviewed an old UK TV program that some of you may find interesting. 

Below are the words of Richard Branson and the program narrator -- 

Narrator: “Dyslexics already run some of the world’s leading businesses. Despite the memory gaps and an aversion to long reports and figures, Richard Branson says being dyslexic has given him a business edge.”

Richard Branson: “I think I will look for the bigger picture. I will base my decisions on personal experiences and gut feelings. You can awaken strengths that non-dyslexics don’t necessarily know exist – or don’t use enough. There are other dyslexics I have met who take a similar, broader approach to these issues.”

Narrator: “Battling against dyslexia has given [Branson] his drive in life.”

Branson: “I love testing myself to see what I am capable of. The first twelve years of my life I was a failure. I was bottom of the class in almost every class at school. I am always trying to prove something to myself – and trying to get other people around me to prove something to themselves – whether it is my entrepreneurism or my adventurism. . . .”

The entire UK  Channel 4 TV program finishes with this quotation from Branson: “[To have people] understand that people with dyslexia are not necessarily thick in everything is quite important.”

Source and Credits: “Dyslexic Genius.” One in a series of three programs on different aspects of dyslexia. Along with Branson, this program features other highly successful dyslexics: an actress, a furniture designer, a computer game designer and a feature film maker. Produced by Twenty Twenty Television for Channel 4 Television. Executive Producers: Claudia Milne and Iain Bruce. Director and Series Producer: Dan Clifton. Thomas G. West was interviewed in Britain by Dan Clifton for the making of this documentary. West also had a very short appearance in this documentary film – shot by a UK film crew at the US National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.


  1. I know how they feel. I'm an adult dyslexic and I feel I've overcome my difficulties. There is a great website that help me

    I'm working on a project on this website. The aim of this project is to help children with dyslexia. We are designing an app for smartphone and tablet, which will allow children with this problem to improve their abilities playing. The video is in spanish, but I would like you to watch the video, and if you like it, support the project. This will help children with dyslexia in Spain, and maybe in the future, children in english-speaking countries. Lots of thanks.

  3. In the context of the undesirability of the technological restrictions that have been "locked-in" to "the system" - as Jaron Lanier has described in his epic YOU ARE NOT A GADGET - IT MUST be seen as a priority - that more attention and focus be directed towards those whom I have referred to as the normal ones - when one considers the entirety of the work and conclusions which Thomas West has spoken about since his involvement with The Arts Dyslexia Trust event at the Mall Galleries in London.

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